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GuestsureThe days where one could just open their doors to the public and establish a Bed&Breakfast or guesthouse are long gone.

Todays B&B is part of a more sophisticated industry within the hospitality sector and it is expected that the owner, or proprietor manage the B&B in much the same way that the chief executive of a large hotel manages his business

As in any business, there are risks involved when dealing with paying and non-paying visitors. These risks can be reduced, or even eliminated with the correct planning.

This is the reason that African Rand Underwriting Manager, an Authorized Financial Services Provider (FSP 5742) introduced GuestSure.

GuestSure is a niche product that has been developed by Guesthouse owners and underwriters to ensure that the owner of the establishment only gets what is needed and doesn't pay for any unnecessary items.

Whereas many insurers have made amendments to existing domestic or commercial policy wordings to try to accommodate the unique requirements of the industry, African Rand provide a policy that has been written specifically and exclusively for the B&B/Guesthouse/Backpacker industry.

Some of the covers required for these establishements and offered by GuestSure are:

  • No forcible entry is required for theft. Obviously, the owner is required to take due precautions but, unlike any normal business policy, proof of forced entry in the event of a theft claim is not required.
  • Public Liability of R10mil can be extended to whatever is required and it includes covers for food poisoning and carpark liability. This is a requirement due to the number of foreign visitors visiting South Africa. This high liability cover is now a requirement for most groups and associations in order to become a member.
  • Guest Effects must be covered. An old Inn-Keepers Act from many years back makes guesthouse owners liable for the processions of their guests. The policy therefore needs to allow for the guesthouse owner to ensure guest effects to a specified amount. GuestSure automatically includes guest Effects up to R10,000 at no additional cost and provides the facility for the client to purchase additional cover up to R100,000.
  • GuestSure also provides "Bilking Cover" (guests leaving without paying). It is a requirement that the guesthouse maintain a strict guest register for this cover to be in place.
  • All items, both personal, as well as business, are written under the same policy so that there is no need to separately define items.
  • Loss of profits due to various reasons beyond the control of the client, like: the cancellation of an event in close proximity, death or illness to the owner. Etc.
  • Electrical and plumbing emergencies is an optional addition.
  • African Rand Assist is also available to provide the client with benefits like: Roadside Assist, Emergency Medical Assist and Legal Assist.

GuestSure is Underwritten by Oakhurst Insurance Company Limited. A short-term insurance company that has been providing service to its clients since 2004

The excellent relationship between African Rand and Oakhurst provide an exceptional platform that enables African Rand to provide exceptional service to its brokers.

GuestSure is only sold through a network of brokers. These brokers are evaluated for their professionalism and their ability to provide the client with a service-oriented solution to their insurance requirements. These brokers are, in essence true partners and are empowered by African Rand to make certain decisions in the field.


GuestSure clients are fortunate in that, being a niche underwriter, African Rand know the needs of the client and the urgency to get certain claims settled so that the B&B facility remains in a position to conduct business. The company will ensure that no unnecessary delays occur when processing claims.



We are underwritten by Oakhurst Insurance Company Limited, the insurance company that delivers.